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Rude police officer

Did I tell you about the rude airport police officer story? I bet, I haven't. I had my internship and YTN re-orientation camp in Peninsular Malaysia, and now that my family is living in Borneo; Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to be specific, so I had to fly back and forth during summer. After the orientation camp, I had a weekend to spend with my cousins and Pan, and on that Monday, I had my flight to KK. I had two luggages with me, one was for the internship clothes (cause I stayed at tokmak and tokabah's place), another luggage was my food stock (tokabah belanja me all of that for my stay in Canada hehe #favouritegranddaughter) and I had a traveling backpack, which was for my camping clothes. I wanted to check-in all three of them, well technically I could but I went overweight. It was 36kg, but I could only check-in 30kg luggages. So I thought, oh yeah I could just bring the backpack as my carry-on luggage and I had another bag (handbag), I would be fine. While at the counter, there&#…

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